Today I kicked off my thesis research by looking up Elsa Peretti on the suggestion of my thesis advisor. Here are a couple of items that I thought was interesting.

From the colors on the photograph, this item looks intriguing. It definitely has a jewel quality to it. The black version looks like black onyx. And yet it is actually lacquer over japanese hardwood.

Elsa Peretti Round pendant for Tiffany

This cuff, looks very much like as if it is made from platinum. Actually, ruthenium is from the platinum group in the periodic table.

Elsa Peretti open center cuff


I think I need to see these items in person to see whether or not these items are as good as they seem in these photographs.


[Update: 1/26/2012, The open center cuff looks darker than the surrounding platinum and silver jewelry. The round pendent looks very nice but I wonder if the enamel paint could get scratched. I also expected it to be heavier.]