Bouroullec Joyns Simple

Mark had mentioned Bouroullec Brother’s Joyn system during the class crit on Tuesday so I decided to go to Vitra to find out more about it.

At first I couldn’t find the system in the West Village Showroom, but I did find a other systems on display.

IMG 0133

It seems we have come a long way from just having a hole by the corner of the table. Note the white rectangle behind the iMac. Looks promising, plenty of space for power and cables, though the user probably wouldn’t put the iMac on the opening…

IMG 0134 IMG 0136

Indeed! 4 outlets, grounded, and even space for ethernet or other data outlets on the side.


IMG 0140 IMG 0138

Another smaller system…

IMG 0141

This one has a cloth based “hide-away” system that doesn’t look too difficult to access if needed, though I wonder if I unhook one bungee, does the all the cable flop out?

IMG 0144

And finally when I did eventually find the Joyn system with the help of the sales staff, here’s what’s underneath…

IMG 0146

This one is like having a ethernet raceway underneath the table. Seems to make sense. Looks like there are a lot of parts that come together to make the table. I wonder how it stands user abuse though time.

I wonder if I can find a system being used in the real world.