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On the advise of Bruce, my thesis advisor, I looked up Jens Risom. According to Wikipedia, he was born in Copenhagen, Dnemark on May 8th 1916. Trained as a designer at the Copenhagen School of Industrial Design (Kunsthåndværkerskolen), where he studied under Ole Wanscher and Kaare Klint. Classmates with Hans Wegner and Borge Mogensen.

In 1939, Risom moved to New York, in 1941 he teamed up with Hans Knoll, and in 1942 they launched the Hans Knoll Furniture Company with 15 of the 20 pieces in the inaugural “600” line designed by Risom. These works included stools, armchairs, and lounges, made from cedar and surplus webbing, works which have since become design classics.

According to Bruce, the “600” line looks the way it does is because Risom and Knoll only had short stock and army surplus to work with… i.e. army green.