Researching what Charles and Ray Eames ever said about materials earlier this week, I found out there is an plywood exhibit at MoMA. I think I have seen it before but they must have rearranged it and perhaps brought more artifacts in.

Plywood Exhibit at MoMA

Much of the plywood manufacturing process was covered by the DIS program but the object that took me by surprise was this.

Plywood Study Model

It is a study model the Eames had built when they were contracted by the US government to make parts for the CG-16 glider (Flying Flatcar).

NX21757 Glider

This is interesting because plywood was used because metal was scarce in the war. Most online articles regarding this glider do not mention the Eames’ participation, but it is documented in the Eames Primer and various websites talk about them. They created pilot seats, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, wheel doors, boom sections, and structural angles. The emphasis on control and accuracy int he production of these items influenced the design and construction of their later plywood projects.

Closeup of the Eames Plywood Study Model