The development of this desk has lead me down quite a few paths. Now the form has settled a little more so now I have to concentrate on materials and process. This first set of renderings has the combination of oak legs with a sheet metal or laminated composite body, and a light solid wood top. The second tier would rely on the flatness on the top of the curved body, which also has a little belly on the bottom… hence my desire for a laminated composite body.

Table11 01 Table11 02 Table11 03

The next set of renderings uses the combination of a simpler rolled sheet metal body on a more industrial-looking set of legs that could simply be welded or perhaps a variation of it could be sand-casted. The top/second tier would be a transparent plastic like polycarbonate, and the top, again would be a lightly colored solid wood.

Table12 02 Table12 04 Table12 05