I’ve never understood why leather trash cans existed. Surely one would not discard liquid or viscus waste in it? And it would be somewhat absurd to have a leather trash can and then line it with a plastic bag. This might be one of those situations where someone would line this trash can with a linen bag? Perhaps a high-class hotel?

The perception of leather is usually one of luxury and of relative toughness.

Perhaps once upon a time there was an abundance of leather and it was easier and cheaper to shape one into a bin than metal?

Perhaps in the world of executive stationery sets, it made sense to have a matching waste paper basket along with leather in-out trays and pencil cups.

orangeLeatherTrashCan orangeMeshTrashCan

Here’s another trash can from Ikea. It is made from metal mesh and probably powder coated to this final orange color. By comparing these two trash cans,  we can start to imagine the different kind of spaces we would put these vessel into service. Perhaps the leather trash can would be more suited to a more mature user who has mostly dry paper or plastic waste. The mesh can could be used by someone perhaps a little younger or younger at heart.