Following up on last week’s discussion on trash cans, I wondered if the Eames had designed one for their collection. The closest artifact I could find was this:

Eames Trashcan?

The Flickr user had attributed it to George Nelson, but the trash can looks very much like it was made from EDU components.

Eames Storage Unit (ESU) @ MoMA


On a side note… I found this:

Wills Eames Shell Chair on a Trash Can

“This model of Eames arm shell was made by John Wills for Charles and Ray Eames. Charles Eames had brought Wills a craft paper mockup of the chair he wanted to model. Wills told him that the cost of the experimental finished shell would be $25 and that it would be ready in a week or so. Charles Eames returned to the workshop to find that Wills had in fact made two shells. Eames could only afford to pay for one of the shells, leaving this example behind in Wills’ workshop where Wills used it—with a trash can for a base—as his welding perch for fifty years.” Marc Greuther, Curator, The Henry Ford

Fiberglass 32 x 23 x 14 in.; diameter: 28 in
From the collections of The Henry Ford © Eames Office, LLC