Finally gotten around to making the drawers after spending the last few weeks finding fabricators and refining drawings for fabrication. It’s the first time, after starting at Pratt, I will not be making all the parts for a prototype. Needless to say I learned a lot in this process.

The metallic parts are being cut with water jet and hopefully they will be ready early this coming week. I’ll be taking them to another metal worker for bending and welding. Unfortunately the breaks at school is not wide enough. The aluminum legs will be TIG welded, unfortunately I don’t know how to do that yet. The table top was also sourced out because we do not have a large enough planer. The facets are also too difficult to do at school and a large CNC would be much better.

Thanks to a new miter gauge and a digital tilt meter, these drawers were easier than I first though. Though it was still difficult as I’m much more use to having things perpendicular.

20120407-214403.jpg 20120407-214421.jpg