According to Budnitz Bicycles, Paul Budnitz began creating bicycles for his own use in 2006 while running Kidrobot. By 2010 people were stopping him on the street and asked where they could get a bicycle like the one he was riding. Several offered to buy his bike right out from under him!

The bikes are classic-looking and built to last. Depending on the model, the bike frames are made of either brushed titanium or gloss black True-Temper™ cro-moly steel (chromium, molybdenum, steel alloy).

In my opinion, the standout bike in their lineup is the No. 3 Honey Edition. According to the company’s description, the bike is:

a classic remix of our Model No.3. German-made 2-inch creme tires, a titanium honey leather Brooks saddle and matching leather grips, titanium badges and our gloss-black city-bike frame.

Not only is there a material change, but it is also highlighted by a change in color.


Just looking at the closeup of the Honey Edition, it is not only aesthetically compelling but the honey leather handles and seat gives it a much warmer look. White tires suggest it will get dirty very quickly in city streets (not sure if one would want to abuse this bike by riding it on city streets) perhaps the owner’s intent for owning a bike like this would be for leisure, perhaps better served by the beach.