I came across this video today and was immediately intrigued because the poster frame for the movie showed what would have been a very shiny chrome bumper, and in true Jay Leno style, I thought he would introduce a car that I would not have known about because of its age.

Jonathan Ward, founder of Icon, is an expert in restoring old cars. In fact,  Icon has a very successful restoring and updating process for Ford Broncos, and Toyota FJ and CJ cruisers. Mr Ward also has a “Derelict” line where the company reinvigorates vintage cars with modern chassis and creature comforts so that they could become versatile daily drivers… and yet be under the radar; a point he explains in the video… “… with two young sons and dog, surfboards and skateboards, I just always wanted to be a little more liberated and enjoy it.” … “this car is just liberating, I can take it down a dirt road, I can drift it sideways on Mulholland, I can park it anywhere, leave the windows down and no one screws with it.” … “better sense of history with this car… more smiles, less judgement. … it’s about the fun.” “I love how counter intuitive it is, the way it looks and the way it feels.” — this is all about using the aesthetics of the car/materials to satisfy a set of intention in order to alter the perception of the people around you. I think it’s brilliantly executed.

Also check out the wooden deck in the trunk! They talk about how the designers in the day must have been studying luxury rail cars and streamliners.

Here is another movie by eGarage.