Fall 2012

Thesis II – Design In December


Spring 2012

Thesis I

Furniture Studio


Fall 2011

Kinetic Design


Golf Ball Reveal

iPhone Holder

King Giraffe Lamp

Design Methodology

Stone age Tool – Tools made with found materials, focusing on function and failure

Post Stone Age Tool – Designed on paper, incorporated desired features and branding

Modern Tool – A Systematic Approach to Refinement with Market Research


Zen Humidifier

Directed Research II

Preliminary Thesis Proposal


Summer 2011

Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS)

Chair 16

Solidworks I & II


Spring 2011

ID Tech II

ID Drawing II

Color II


Welding (Tech 531)

Directed Research I


Fall 2010

ID Workshop

Frame and Skin

ID Drawing I

Color I

3D I


Legacy Website: http://www.t0a5t3d.com/